Reflection Hour


Reflection Hour is a mobile women's business center designed to encourage, empower and educate underrepresented women. The goal is to provide advanced technology tools needed to create, build and maintain a business foundation. Reflection Hour provides business training classes, seminars, webinars and events to under served communities and entrepreneurs who have a passion to start a business today and leave a legacy tomorrow.

Our Vision:
Reflection Hour encourages women to L.I.V.E. a balanced lifestyle with the four B's to succeed:
Love your Brain, Love your Body, Love your Beauty, Love your Business
This focus empowers women to self ignite their gifts, talents and dreams to gain financial independence, create jobs and build a solid foundation.

Our Goal:
Reflection Hour's goal is help create and expand 5,000 women entrepreneurs by 2020 and continue expansion to a nationwide network. Mobile services and advances technologies are incorporated to assist entrepreneurs in doing business anywhere.